5 Questions for Chrissy Rutherford, Harper's Bazaar

When I was in the 3rd grade, several friends and I started a talk show called Style Files. My mom filmed as we sat around the couch in the living room, water filled coffee cups on the table in front of us, notes in hand, poised to ask each other the most scintillating questions we could contrive in reference to the world of celebrity fashion, news and gossip. In conjunction to our talk show, we printed a fashion magazine called Style File, complete with Cindy Crawford inspired photos (of us, of course) taped next to the articles.

Obviously, we thought we were pretty cool. 

Chrissy Rutherford (left) with digital editors from Harper's Bazaar. Photo courtesy Chrissy Rutherford's Instagram @ChrissyFord

Chrissy Rutherford (left) with digital editors from Harper's Bazaar. Photo courtesy Chrissy Rutherford's Instagram @ChrissyFord

To this day, I still keep fashion journalists on a pedestal that I erected and never took down after my "talk host" days for Style File. As a result, I find myself online reading and pinning fashion articles- a lot.

While in the midst of my digital fashion news search, a name that has continuously popped up in the byline of the articles I'm reading is Chrissy Rutherford, Digital Editor for Harper's Bazaar.

According to Chrissy's Harper's Bazaar bio, she cultivated her digital savviness while working as an assistant at InStyle.com, and then went on to be the shopping editor for FashionEtc.com. Chrissy's love for fashion flourished during two summer internships in the fashion closet at BAZAAR. When she's not catching up on the latest high-fashion news, covering industry events or interviewing her favorite models of the moment, she enjoys shopping and riding her bike around downtown New York.

After reading Chrissy bio, I knew I just had to interview her as part of our 5 Questions series. Thankfully when I reached out to Chrissy she was happy to do it.

Photo Courtesy Chrissy Rutherford

Photo Courtesy Chrissy Rutherford

5 questions for Harper's Bazaar Digital Editor, Chrissy Rutherford

1. How I got my start...

I started off as a fashion intern at Harper's Bazaar. I worked for the fashion market director and her assistant. It was a challenging experience as well as incredibly rewarding and one that I will never forget. After spending years as a teen reading Bazaar, I finally got to see how it all really works. 

2. Best advice I ever received...

"This too shall pass," from my parents if I was ever going through a hard time, like when I was trying to get a job in fashion after college. Obviously the industry is very competitive and it was the beginning of the recession, so job hunting was by no means easy. I had to be patient, but I always knew that this is what I was meant to do. 

3. Success looks like...

Achieving your wildest dreams

4. Happiness is...

Being with the ones you love

5. My guilty pleasure...

Romantic comedies and crop tops

If you want to see Chrissy's work, you can follow her on Instagram here and read her articles here!

5 Questions for Lisa Moore, Cover Girl

Beach, Sand, Sun, we have a love-hate relationship. Over the years, the combination has bronzed me, burned me, sprinkled me with freckles and given more than one person in my family a melanoma scare.  But as someone who was raised in Texas and now lives in South Florida, avoiding the Beach, Sand or Sun is like telling a fish to stop swimming- or a bird to stop flying. Not happening.

Thankfully, there's Cover. 

 Lisa Moore made her mark in the swimwear industry when she founded cover in 2007. She was the first to recognize the need for stylish sun protective clothing for women of all ages. As a young mother, she spent countless hours in the sun and water protecting her children’s skin, but found limited choices to protect her own.

Just two years after cover was launched, Lisa’s 23-year-old sister was diagnosed with melanoma. Thankfully the tiny black dot was caught and removed early. Since that time, the cover mission has shifted from being focused purely on fashion and beauty to include promoting health. The cover collection includes chic, innovative pieces that provide physical sun protection in the most flattering silhouettes.

Cover is committed to supporting fashion manufacturing in the United States.  Lisa’s design studio and corporate offices are located in Dallas, Texas.  The cover garments are cut and sewn in Los Angeles, California.

Lisa Moore, founder of Cover

Lisa Moore, founder of Cover

Since every sun goddess needs a little Cover in her life, I reached out to Lisa Moore to answer our 5 questions:

1. Most recent discovery...

The Spring App

2. Happiest when...

Im with my family and friends at the beach in carmel

3. Best advice I ever received...

Dont give up

4. Success looks like...

Consumers and industry insiders supporting what we are doing and acknowledging that cover has created something unique and innovative that has changed the way women protect their skin

5. Something very few people know about me...

I got engaged to marry my husband when I was 20 and had our first child when i was 23 #childbride ;)

I've selected several of my favorite looks from Cover below, click links below to purchase a Cover of your own! 

5 Questions for Katie Chang, Brooklyn's Miomia

Katie Chang and I met a couple of years ago while on a press trip in Vancouver, B.C.

In between the daily excursions to Granville Island and the one-too many food-coma inducing 5-course meals, I learned that Katie, a graduate of Georgetown University, was in the midst of successfully climbing the corporate ladder in D.C., when one day she decided that she'd had enough. 

After finishing her grad school thesis on male grooming trends, Katie packed her bags, left her plush D.C. life, and headed to Brooklyn.

A few months later, Katie opened the doors to her passion project - a 425 square foot unisex apothecary called Miomia

Photo Credit: GQ

Photo Credit: GQ

The Miomia of today is a cozy and familiar apothecary shop on Bedford Street that caters to a hip clientele of artists, musicians and young professionals. Staying true to the roots of the town it established itself in, Katie seeks out smaller, independent brands like Ole Henriksen and Malin + Goetz... Katie recently told GQ, "I can't bring a brand into the store that doesn't have a great story."

As someone who turned her "one-day" dream into reality, I am excited to feature Katie as a part of our 5 Questions series. Read below to find out 5 things you may not have known about Brooklyn's favorite apothecarist. 

1. Favorite discovery....

The Boathouse in Lambertville, New Jersey. It's my favorite bar in the world.

2. Go-to vacation spot...

I don't go often enough, but I have a really soft spot for Bucks Country. Maine's pretty rad, too.

3. Happiest when...

Nothing makes me happier than enjoying good food and drink with the people I love.

4. Best advice I ever received...

Like many other first-time business owners, I was spinning when I opened up shop. The best bit of advice I received was to be flexible and open to change. Thanks, Steve Minnig.

5. Something very few people know about me...

I'm camera-shy, and for the most part, don't like my photo being taken.

Check out shopmiomia.com online or read Katie's freelance work at katieshewrote.com and next time you're in Brooklyn, stop by 318 Bedford Ave to see Katie for the latest beauty products!