5 Questions for Katie Chang, Brooklyn's Miomia

Katie Chang and I met a couple of years ago while on a press trip in Vancouver, B.C.

In between the daily excursions to Granville Island and the one-too many food-coma inducing 5-course meals, I learned that Katie, a graduate of Georgetown University, was in the midst of successfully climbing the corporate ladder in D.C., when one day she decided that she'd had enough. 

After finishing her grad school thesis on male grooming trends, Katie packed her bags, left her plush D.C. life, and headed to Brooklyn.

A few months later, Katie opened the doors to her passion project - a 425 square foot unisex apothecary called Miomia

Photo Credit: GQ

Photo Credit: GQ

The Miomia of today is a cozy and familiar apothecary shop on Bedford Street that caters to a hip clientele of artists, musicians and young professionals. Staying true to the roots of the town it established itself in, Katie seeks out smaller, independent brands like Ole Henriksen and Malin + Goetz... Katie recently told GQ, "I can't bring a brand into the store that doesn't have a great story."

As someone who turned her "one-day" dream into reality, I am excited to feature Katie as a part of our 5 Questions series. Read below to find out 5 things you may not have known about Brooklyn's favorite apothecarist. 

1. Favorite discovery....

The Boathouse in Lambertville, New Jersey. It's my favorite bar in the world.

2. Go-to vacation spot...

I don't go often enough, but I have a really soft spot for Bucks Country. Maine's pretty rad, too.

3. Happiest when...

Nothing makes me happier than enjoying good food and drink with the people I love.

4. Best advice I ever received...

Like many other first-time business owners, I was spinning when I opened up shop. The best bit of advice I received was to be flexible and open to change. Thanks, Steve Minnig.

5. Something very few people know about me...

I'm camera-shy, and for the most part, don't like my photo being taken.

Check out shopmiomia.com online or read Katie's freelance work at katieshewrote.com and next time you're in Brooklyn, stop by 318 Bedford Ave to see Katie for the latest beauty products!

The Eye Has to Travel

A few days ago I received a text from one one my girlfriends telling me that I absolutely must see Diana Vreeland's, The Eye Has to Travel.

"It's so inspirational, she makes you feel okay for being different" - she said.

Diana Vreeland

Diana Vreeland

I remember reading articles about Vreeland and definitely thought about seeing the movie when it was released, but upon further introspection I realized that somehow I'd actually missed it.

So I decided to dedicate the following evening to The Eye Has to Travel. It was an incredible 1 hour and 26 minute glimpse into the world of fantasy and fiction that Vreeland magically spun together.

The New York Times review tells the story in a much better way than I could:

While you’re watching the dizzily enjoyable documentary “Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel” you may find yourself thinking with an increasing fervor that, yes, wearing violet velvet mittens with everything is a fantastic idea, and that you’re just mad about rouge. Vreeland, a doyenne of 20th-century fashion and a paradigmatic self-made woman, had a genius for the inspirational, the gnomic and the divinely quotable. Atwitter before Twitter, she was a fabulous wit who brings to mind Wilde and Warhol even while being inimitably Vreelandesque: “The best thing about London is Paris.” “Fashion is not the same thing as style.” “I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity.”

Click here to read the entire review of The Eye Has to Travel by The New York Times