5 Questions for Elizabeth Ball, Artist

Several years ago I moved to New York City without really any idea of what I was getting myself into or who I would meet. A few weeks after arriving, a friend of a friend from college (and a fellow Texan) named Elizabeth Ball invited me to join her at a halloween party in the Lower East Side. I woke up on halloween day to a city blanketed in white snow. Totally unprepared, I called Elizabeth to ask her if she had any ideas for a cute Halloween costume in freezing temps. Without a thought, she said, "let's be party animals! We can buy some cute animals ears and pin a tail on the back of thrift store fur coats and just be cozy!" Someone who could be that creative and practical so quickly- I knew I liked her right off the bat.

By Elizabeth Evelyn Ball

By Elizabeth Evelyn Ball

After our snowy halloween dressed as party animals, Elizabeth and I hung out constantly. Her infectious and outgoing personality was recognized by everyone she came across. It wasn't an uncommon occurrence for the bodega workers to the homeless to embrace Elizabeth and call her by name when we ventured out in our shared East Village neighborhood. 

Elizabeth Evelyn Ball's work on exposed brick

Elizabeth Evelyn Ball's work on exposed brick

Whenever I went over to Elizabeth's apartment, she was always working on a new piece of art. Her exposed brick walls adorned with her unique artistic masterpieces. It was always understood that one day Elizabeth would turn her passion for art into a full time career.

Art by Elizabeth Evelyn Ball

Art by Elizabeth Evelyn Ball

It's been several years since our East Village days, but the friendship between Elizabeth and I hasn't wavered. I was beyond excited when Elizabeth called me several weeks ago to ask me to help her with the design of her new company website, Elizabeth Evelyn Ball, launching online this January.

Elizabeth Evelyn Ball- if you could capture the essence of Elizabeth in one shot, this would be it.

Elizabeth Evelyn Ball- if you could capture the essence of Elizabeth in one shot, this would be it.

As my former New York City partner-in- crime and constant source of inspiration, It's an honor to feature Elizabeth in our 5 questions series. 

1. How I got my start...

I’ve painted for as long as I can remember and it’s something that I’ve always come back to despite whatever else I was doing. I decided to pursue art professionally after having worked at a PR firm started by a female entrepreneur where I not only handled accounts of female jewelry designers (Three Jane by Katie Schloss, and Leighelena) but also shared an office space with Inslee Farris of Inslee by Design and Roxy Te of Society Social. It was really inspiring to be surrounded by so many women going after their passions and doing their own thing.

2. Best advice I ever received...

Not to be afraid of failure but to put yourself out there and try things. A lot of successful people failed before they ever succeeded. I’ve learned that there is absolutely no shame in failing which is freeing -- You can’t succeed if you don’t try, and fear holds you back.

3. Success looks like...

Being able to support myself by doing what I love each day and creating art that makes people happy.

4. Happiness is...

Being surrounded by beautiful things and spending tons of time with loved ones.

5. My biggest inspiration... 

I find the greatest inspiration from my surroundings – I love to travel and explore new, charming places. 

If you are interested in Elizabeth's art, you can contact her directly at elizabetheball@gmail.com. Also, be sure to follow her on Instagram to see her latest works. I will also share Elizabeth's website with you as soon as it goes live this January!

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I am a collector of words that inspire me. Whether it's a kind note from a friend that I keep taped to my bathroom mirror, a compelling quote from a book that I scribble down in my journal, or even a cute little phrase from the inside of a bottle cap- I save each one, because they bring a renewed sense of encouragement each time I see them.  Below are several favorites that I hope you will enjoy as much as I do!

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