Good ideas are born any number of ways and we often hear how some magically come to people in dreams, while others may bubble to the surface after years of deliberate brainstorming.  The idea for Reveal was more, shall we say, accidental.  Not merely an idea, but the need for Reveal hit Amie and Kelly like a proverbial apple landing on their head one day while celebrating Amie’s birthday in beautiful Anguilla.  When Amie and a friend appeared by the pool donning exactly the same swim suit, a conversation about the wardrobe coincidence quickly evolved into frustration about fashionable swimwear availability in Dallas.  As the group of friends complained poolside of limited swimwear selection, Amie and Kelly began to wonder why it was so challenging to find new and unique swimwear in a warm-weather affluent market with millions of people.  That was it - the light-bulb had gone off  – there was a specific problem, which needed just the right solution.  It was then that the idea for Reveal was born.  

Reveal would become the result of the founders’ love for fashion, travel and their desire to build something professionally, but something they could also balance with their dedication to family. Consumed with the idea of bringing high fashion swimwear to the women of Dallas, Amie and Kelly attended swimwear industry conferences in Vegas, Miami and New York over the next year. During that time, Amie and Kelly began hosting a bevy of highly successful pop-up shops out of Amie's living room. With the overwhelming success of Reveal's pop-up's, the two friends and co-founders wanted to share their swim and resort wear collections with a wider audience. Therefore, Reveal opened its first retail location at 4603 West Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX in May 2015.