Las Clementinas

I love discovering places with a storied past- a former player in a world that it no longer recognizes. There is a certain allure about these relics of history that have been found again and carefully researched, restored and then invited to become a part of the present.

Panama's, Las Clementinas tells that kind of story - known as one of Casco Antiguo’s masterpieces, the current owners spent 6-months dedicated to researching the history of the building, reviving its gardens that boast 50 year-old 80-foot palm trees, the remnants of the old city wall and the original bones of the building that the the family of Sra. Clementina Herrera built in 1930. 

During the three-year restoration process, the owners found artisans in Colombia who could reproduce Doña Clementina’s hand-painted tiles and scoured Panama in search of pieces of history, from heirlooms abandoned by aristocratic families to antique desks from the old British Embassy. What they couldn’t find, they had built in a shop using 80-year-old Florida Pine that was reclaimed from the beams of old US Army barracks on the Caribbean side of the Canal.

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