5 Questions for Lauren Brundage, Queen of Pop

As a little kid, my after school snacks usually consisted of two options: cheese and apples or popcorn and M&M's. Naturally, I always went for the salty popcorn/chocolate M&M's combo because chocolate was involved and that mixed with salty sweet flavor of popcorn... you just really can't go wrong. 

Ironically, while I was just a kid in my kitchen, mixing up store bought popcorn with packaged M&M's, Lauren Brundage was just a kid in hers, popping up her own homemade stove popped version with hand-tossed seasoning. She was totally #winning.

As a grown-up, Lauren decided to make her stove popped version available to the masses through Live Love Pop, the rapidly growing 100% all natural guilt-free popcorn company based in Dallas, TX.

Lauren's one motto and one mission? "Pop delicious, Pop healthy, Pop the best." 

This week, Lauren was kind enough to take a quick break from her popcorn empire to answer five not so popcorn-related questions for me...

                                                              Lauren Brundage, Founder + CEO of Live Love Pop

                                                              Lauren Brundage, Founder + CEO of Live Love Pop

1. Tell us some of your favorite discoveries... 

Boutique: Ellis Hill in Highland Park Village (most incredible personalized gifts and paper goods.....there's nothing like gorgeous stationary, invitations, and personalized gifts) 

Author: J.K Rowling...definitely not original or a discovery....but I adore her and Harry Potter (I know.....I'm such a dork) 

Restaurant: Little Katana (because i'm a sushi freak)

Vintage Find: Not sure if this is a vintage find, but Blue Print, a home design store in Dallas, which is located in this old beautiful white house in Uptown has the most amazing antique furniture, art and accessories for the home. If I could decorate my whole house with everything in there, I would! 

2. Go-To vacation spot: Oh this is a tough one....I think probably Aspen, Colorado or La Jolla, California 

3. Happiest when: I'm happiest when i'm spending time with my family, friends, working (on LLP of course :)), and staying active and enjoying the outdoors whether it's going on a run, walking, biking, hiking, you name it! 

4. Best Advice I Ever Received: This is also another hard one because I've had a lot of amazing advice given to me..... one being: " Never give up. Everyone has bad days. Pick yourself up, keep going, and always fight on!" And the other one would be "There is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction." 

5. Something very few people know about me: I wear a different pair of colored socks every day. Love adding POPs  of color into my life (excuse the pun).

Now that you know a little bit more about the girl behind the pop, be sure to order your own bag of Live Love Pop HERE and follow Live Love Pop on Instagram HERE!