Baby, Meet Summer

In the months leading to Stella's early Summer delivery date, I had visions of her and I spending her first days of life poolside.... Her in the little white bikini I found at Janie and Jack and me in a cute tankini to cover my post baby bod. 

But all of my sun bathing dreams rapidly vanished on the bright June day that Stella was born. When a 5 lb 16 oz Stella was placed in my arms, I realized that I actually needed to focus on keeping this tiny human alive- not  galavanting poolside. How foolish I had been! 

Now that we've kept Stella alive for almost 9 months,  I feel like we're ready to embrace summer together for the very first time. But what does one wear while experiencing their first real summer of life? I've pulled several of the looks I would choose if I were in Stella's position.

What would you wear? Click the items above to shop!