For Love & Lemons

As an unexpectedly expectant mom, I've been blessed to get a lot of advice from other mothers. The most memorable are the 'labor' stories, where I hear that the icky front-only covering hospital gowns and terrible post-labor fog combination can take a semi-sane person and make her look like she's just escaped the psych ward. Note: this state of both mental and physical insanity doesn't just 'appear' on labor day, it comes from months of training- just read Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy  and you'll understand what I'm saying. Now that I'm in my final trimester, I'm doing everything I can to start prepping for the day where I too could channel the post-electric shock treatment look. My latest solution is to find a really really cute post-delivery outfit. Thankfully I've discovered that in For Love & Lemons.

Quite the opposite of 'maternity-wear,' For Love & Lemons is best known for its custom made lace and placement embroidery that is designed in Los Angeles. Started by Gillian Rose Kern and Laura Hall of Jackson, WY, the self-described BFF's are known for their desire to create pieces that stand apart from the crowd. Visit their website or follow For Love & Lemons on Instagram (@forloveandlemons) to find the pretty lace robe you never knew you needed, a summer dress that functions as a beach tunic, or a silk nightgown that will put all previous nightgowns to shame.

If i'm not feeling too crazy (or possibly if I am), I might even post my post-delivery look on @Lifestyle_Hunting, so stay tuned!