Gray Malin's Dream

Anyone raised in Texas knows that upon introduction to a non-Texan, said person will inevitably ask one of the following two questions:

1. Did you grow up riding horses to school?

2. Does everyone there wear cowboy hats and boots?

I have to say this, because as someone who has spent her life trying to avoid the ranch-girl image, I'm not one who would typically go out and tout a photography series about sheep. 

But then again, not all Texas sheep haven't met Gray Malin.

If you aren't familiar with the name Gray Malin, you can find his work on Reese Witherspoon's Instagram or in a recent issue of ELLE Decor. The Dallas native is known for collaborating with designers like Jill Rosenwald and the cult-followed interiors flash sale site, One Kings Lane. I'm a fan for his uniquely playful balloon themed photos and color-drenched beach imagery.

The inspiration behind Grey Malin's new Dream Series is his desire to inspire others to stand out from the crowd and foster a sense of individuality.  To make his vision a reality, Malin traveled to rural Australia and worked with a family of third-generation sheep farmers. There, Malin and farmers misted each sheep with a vegetable-based, rinsable dye to turn them into different brightly colored hues.

On his Dream Series, Malin says, "I hope to spark an idea; that we are all individuals, and should not be afraid to bare our true colors, dare to dream and shine for all to see." 

20% of the proceeds from the series will benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation to help inspire those who dream their ultimate dreams. Click here to bring the Dream Series to your home or shop a selection of some of my favorite works by Gray Malin below, on sale from One Kings Lane.