Gifts for Dad

Last Father's Day, I had just given birth to little Stella so everything is kind of hazy in my mind, and chaotic, but I do remember that it was our first weekend home from the hospital. We were in full-on survival mode. Finally, the first 'ahhh...we got this' moment came on Father's Day morning when my husband was able to bottle feed our baby for the very first time!! I really think that was one of the best first Father's Day gifts I could have given him, it was such a sweet moment. Since then, Stella's dada has been her favorite (just like mine before her). She even said 'dada' at 4 months old - despite many tried (and failed) efforts to try and get her to say mama. I get it though, I was the same way with my dada - isn't every little girl that way?

As a special thank you to the silly, crazy, adventurous, kind-hearted, loving and supportive dad's like the one's in my life, I pulled together a few necessities as well as 'toys' for Father's Day that I thought would be a good way to say 'thank you' for always being there.

Stella's first bottle! (Father's Day 2015)

Stella's first bottle! (Father's Day 2015)

Sogis Honey Bakeshop

Today, my 10 month old didn't want to nap, my 7 pm dinner plans went out the window and our city is projected to have tornado within the next hour or so. But in the meantime, I want to share these sweet cookies from Sogis Honey Bakeshop because I just can't get over them.

Whenever you need an escape, just follow her Instagram feed, It's the SWEETEST.