5 Questions for Grace Atwood, Voice Behind Stripes & Sequins

I always love a good DIY site - especially one like Stripes & Sequins where the smart, witty and sparkle-obsessed lifestyle blogger, Grace Atwood, gets crafty with some of our favorite designers to learn how to make "homemade" versions of their high-priced creations.

Grace Atwood, photo by Lydia Hudgens

Grace Atwood, photo by Lydia Hudgens

Launched as a creative outlet in 2010, Grace uses Stripes & Sequins as a platform to showcase do-it-yourself projects and explore the worlds of fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle.

A DIY project by Grace Atwood. Photo by Lydia Hudgens, courtesy of Stripes & Sequins

A DIY project by Grace Atwood. Photo by Lydia Hudgens, courtesy of Stripes & Sequins

As the queen of runway DIY and reigning head of social media for the popular jewelry site, BaubleBar, Grace has a lot on her accessories filled plate, but she was kind enough to take a few minutes to answer Five Questions for us:

1. Most recent discovery...

Vegan milkshakes at blossom in nyc - they're better than the real thing!

2. Happiest when...

By the water.

3. Best advice I ever received...

If you love something, buy it in multiples!

4. Success looks like...


5. Something very few people know about me...

I'm really shy!

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