Town & Country Offers New Yorkers a Guidebook to Neimans

107 years after it opened its doors in Dallas, Neiman Marcus announced during New York Fashion Week that it will be opening a 250,000-square-foot store in Hudson Yards on the Far West Side of Manhattan in 2018. 

As someone who was raised in Dallas, Neiman Marcus was the go-to for everything from Spiced Tea at the Mermaid Bar to afternoon touch-ups at the Laura Mercier counter.

Life without a Neimans? I can't really picture it.

I recently came across this Town & Country article on what New Yorkers can expect to find at their very own NM. If you're new to Neimans, you can look at it as a sort of guidebook for beginner's. For seasoned shoppers, it's a reminder of why we love it. Enjoy!

A model of the NYC flagship opening in 2018

A model of the NYC flagship opening in 2018

What New Yorkers Need To Know Before Neiman Marcus Opens In The City:

1. Both a blessing and a curse, swiping is extra easy here since your Bergdorf Goodman credit card is accepted at Neiman Marcus and vice versa. 

2. Folks in the Texas (where the department store has been headquartered since 1907) have a saying... "If I keel over in Walmart, drag my body to Neiman's."

3. No one does Christmas like NM. From their over-the-top Fantasy Gifts that redefine extravagance (like a replica Cowboys Stadium football field installed into your backyard to his and her camels) to their holiday window installations (like crawl tubes for kids that wrap around the store's exterior) that take the magic of the season to the next level.

4. You know Bergdorf's well-dressed Linda Fargo, now get-to-know her equally charming NM counterpart Ken Downing!

Coco Chanel and Stanley Marcus in 1957.   Getty Images.

Coco Chanel and Stanley Marcus in 1957. Getty Images.

5. Karl Lagerfeld's last Metiers d'Art collection (the fashion show was held at the site of the Texas State Fair) was inspired by a trip Coco Chanel took to Dallas 55 years ago to visit Neiman Marcus. Retail industry icon Stanley Marcus (Recommended reading for anyone going into the business of fashion: Stanley Marcus's book Minding The Store) presented Madame Chanel with the Neiman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion. 

6. When you go to Neiman's you don't just shop, you eat! Their popovers and strawberry butter are legendary.

7. And everyone adores how their in-store restaurants commence each meal with a gratis espresso cup of chicken broth and a pinch of cheese bread.

Neiman Marcus's new cookbook ,available in stores Fall 2014

Neiman Marcus's new cookbook ,available in stores Fall 2014

8. Oh and don't even get me started on those extra-large chocolate chip cookies! (Note: Shop first, then eat.)

9. Shoppers go ballistic during at the end-of-season "Last Call" event where merch is seriously on sale. 

10. The Neiman Marcus Group's CEO is a fierce and fabulous lady named Karen Katz. (Who runs the world? Girls!)

11. Sales associates, all-equipped with company iPhones, are known to jump through hoops for customers. If you wish, they can text you pictures of new arrivals (free personal shoppers for all!), hunt down ANYTHING from other stores, and deliver straight to your door. 

12. Many consider their monthly catalog The Book a fashion bible. With shoppable spreads shot by the likes of Richard Avedon and Erik Madegan Heck, it's a magazine-like glossy that aesthetes top their coffee tables with.

Article from Town & Country

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