Workouts Worth Setting The Alarm For

Over the years, I've tried everything from the bar, the bike, jump roping, boxing, running, swimming, and surfing. As someone who gets bored of the same workout routine pretty easily, my go-to has always been running - I love how you can pick your own path, your own speed and your own distance each time.

In mid-February, when a 6:30 am jog isn't really something I'm jumping out of bed for, I turn indoors. Below is a selection of gyms and boutique studios in the Dallas area that are worth setting the alarm for: 

beyond pilates

Beyond Pilates: Founders, Brandi Marino and Bethany Meyers joined forces in Spring 2010, BEYOND was born. They combined their passions and experience to develop a fiercely independent, highly imaginative, determined-to-the-core concept focused on empowering and inspiring people to make changes beyond their wildest expectations.  

Cooper Aerobics Center, Boxing: When I was in high school, I worked out several times a week with a personal trainer who knew exactly how to get me to my breaking point. But no matter how hard I worked, I never seemed to be able to get her body. Envious of my trainer's physique, I asked her what else she was doing to get into such great shape. The answer: Derrick James at Cooper Aerobics Center. Derrick is an olympic boxing pro with 35 years of experience under his belt. His boxing classes or simple but extremely intense. If you ever want that extra fitness push, sign up for a 30 minute private with Derrick. I promise you won't regret it.  

City Surf Fitness: City Surf is designed for the person who loves an active lifestyle. Building upon the components of natural human movement- foundation training, cardiovascular and strength training, always focusing on building core, stability, balance and body/muscle awareness. The goal at City Surf is to help you improve your body's natural state to the be the best and most beautiful it can be.  

The Bar Method: The Bar Method exercise targets the muscles that play the greatest role in body change, then keeps these muscles working intensely and safely long enough for them to change. It then intensely stretches each muscle worked to make it look and feel longer and more graceful. 


The Verandah Club: Several years ago, I started working out with a trainer in Dallas named Joe. Joe is known for offering bootcamp classes outdoors at Germany Park during warmer months, but during the winter it's always a challenge to find a great spot indoors where we can all spread out. Recently Joe suggested we all join The Verandah Club at The Anatole Hotel. I was skeptical at first about joining a hotel gym but upon arrival I knew I'd found my spot. The 80,000 square foot facility offers everything from state-of-the-art fitness equipment, to an indoor sauna and steam room to an outdoor track and tennis courts. We take advantage of an racquetball court that we turned into our own personal fitness studio. 

Designer Spotlight: Dezso by Sara Beltran

A couple of years ago, I worked for a boutique Public Relations firm in New York that specialized in lifestyle, fashion and healthcare PR. One of my favorite clients to work with was an amazing non-profit organization called Project Paz. Based in New York, Project Paz's goal is to raise money to help promote peace in Juarez, hosting annual fundraising events where 100% of profits support community development programs for Juarez's future. 

Designer, Sara Beltran

Designer, Sara Beltran

Born in El Paso, many with families still in Juarez, the founders of the organization are extremely passionate about the cause and use their individual talents to raise awareness and funds for the organization. One such member is Sara Beltran, who I worked closely with on a Project Art fundraiser we organized in 2012. As part of the fundraiser, Sara designed a collection of Project Paz jewelry that we sold in conjunction with ShopLatitude to raise funds for Juarez. 

As someone who is constantly inspired by beach, sand and surf, I couldn't help but immediately fall head-over-heels in love when I learned more about Sara's line called Deszo, which translates from Latin to mean "Desire." 

Fossilized Shark Tooth Necklaces, Dezso by Sara Beltran

Fossilized Shark Tooth Necklaces, Dezso by Sara Beltran

Sara Beltran started her career over a decade ago as a stylist in New York, but her childhood romance for beach life and seashells was never far off. Eventually, Sara decided to take a seashell necklace she made for fun and turn it into a business, her unique beach-chic designs quickly garnering an international cult following.

Today, Dezso is a constant fixture on the pages of Harper's Bazaar, W Magazine and ELLE for the polki diamonds, fossilized shark teeth and shells that Sara handpicks from beaches around the world and then casts in 18K pink gold.

Earrings, Dezso by Sara Beltran

Earrings, Dezso by Sara Beltran

You can shop Dezso by Sara Beltran online at Net-a-Porter and Barney's or at high-end retail boutiques internationally.